Are you frustrated with job-seeking?

Hey hey hey - are you sending out resumé after resumé after resumé and hearing nothing back? Yeah - I've been there, done that. Until I learnt how to write a One Page Wonder.

Unlike most resumé courses, these are not "one size fits all" courses. There are 11 different courses to choose from, based on your current career path.

This free introductory course will help you choose the "Revitalise your resumé" course that best suits your needs.

Karolyn Timarkos

Meet your teacher: Karolyn Timarkos

With over 20 years' experience as a technical writer, I realised there was one particular writing skill I hadn't mastered - and that was writing a winning resumé.

I'd sent out over 200 of the damn things, with almost no response - and no interviews - despite the fact I am a very, very good technical writer, who has worked (and does work) for some very, very impressive businesses, and was (and am) paid very, very good money.

So, instead of churning out another failed resumé, I applied my technical writing research skills to find out how to revitalise my resumé and write a one page wonder. And it worked! I sent off applications to five jobs, and was offered five interviews!

Now I'm keen to share what I've learnt and rescue you from that soul destroying process of rejection after rejection after rejection.

Unlike most resumé courses, these are not "one size fits all" courses. What do those types of course achieve? Nothing! It's like saying one set of house plans will suit anyone who wants to build a house. I once sat in a resumé workshop where the kid on one side of me had just dropped out of high school, I'd recently returned from 15 years overseas (42 countries, 270 cities, over 200 jobs), and the bloke on the other side of me had had one job for 40 years, and just been made redundant. That course didn't suit any of our needs.

Here at Right Good, I have 11 Revitalise your resumé courses to choose from, based on your career path. 

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